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    PocketMine AsyncTask lacks support for publishing progress in an AsyncTask.

    ## What is progress publish?
    Refer to Android's AsyncTask API:
    > This method can be invoked from doInBackground(Params...) to publish updates on the UI thread while the background computation is still running. Each call to this method will trigger the execution of onProgressUpdate(Progress...) on the UI thread. onProgressUpdate(Progress...) will not be called if the task has been canceled.

    In simple words, the AsyncTask worker thread (the implementation of AsyncTask actually) can trigger a method called publishProgress. It will pass some primitive data (or Threaded objects) to the main thread. The main thread scheduler heartbeat will check for these calls (just like it checks to call onCompletion), and trigger a method onProgressUpdate on the AsyncTask from the main thread. Hence, with about half/one tick delay, an AsyncTask's progress can be published from the worker thread and correctly displayed to the main thread (hence sending messages to users, triggering server loggers, etc.).

    Example: (the steps refer to the 4 steps in the Android AsyncTask API)
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    Anyway, I think it's ready to merge.
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    What do you mean?
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