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Impersonating and scamming

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by minijaham, May 28, 2021.

  1. minijaham

    minijaham Skeleton

    Hello, forums! I've been getting some reports from people over the past weeks that someone or some "group" of people is impersonating me in the chatting platform "Discord", and are scamming people for hundreds of dollars.

    Thanks. Unfortunately, after the scam, the people who got scammed thought my real discord account was the scammer and my accounts that were connected towards my discord have been suspended including my Steam Account and my main Discord account.

    The investigation team for various platforms I was suspended on is asking me for proof now. Just stop impersonating and selling my publicized plugins.

    Discord's investigation team has disabled my main account and said that it will remain disabled as they "confirmed" what "I" was doing "wrong" in their platform.

    Steam client support team is currently in the process of restricting my account and is currently asking for proof that I didn't do the scam.

    Impersonating and selling already-publicized plugins aren't cool. Stop.
    If your 8-year-old brain asks for money, consider knowing your place.
    If you're an adult who's doing this, learn what's needed to earn money, instead of scamming.

    If the account suspension is still continued, I will take legal actions. I hope you can read this.

    If any help can be provided, it will be extremely great. Any help is cool.
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  2. minijaham

    minijaham Skeleton

    For ALL of your information, now that my main account is disabled from discord,

    My main account's information is:
    minijaham#3259. This will never change since I've been getting a lot of reports recently.

    I have all of my accounts such as GitHub and Xbox Live linked. I do not have any other alt accounts named "minijaham".

    However, my old account that was suspended is minijaham#1582. So please don't mistake that as a scammer.
  3. BestCodrEcer

    BestCodrEcer Spider

    See, this is the type of people that are on discord now. On one place there are raiders and on other places there are scammers. For these stupid actions, innocent people such as @minijaham have to pay the price for something they didn’t do.
    I wish all the best with your account recovery and hope these idiots get caught.
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