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What is the best way to starting learn databases step by step at PMMP?

Discussion in 'Development' started by StarsLover009, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. StarsLover009

    StarsLover009 Creeper

    Hi. I was learning and coding simply pmmp plugins around 1 month (and 2 years using php for websites), and now i think it's
    time too learn pocketmine with MySQL (or SQLI) databases. For a lot of reasons.. regions / login and register players / economy at the server.. So i was looking for poggit\libasynql to do this. But bruuh.. The syntax is too scary. I was learn databases before, creating websites and this is not too diffucult task. But the implementation of db and using of sql querys at pmmp seems really more diffucult. :(:(

    I'm in panic right now and i looking for any info:). Have do i can start pretty easy from basics step by step to more difficult at databases in pmmp? From saving basic player information, to do some advanced plugins like one for login/register ?

    There are some website or videos to introduct from easy level to advance?o_O
  2. Ayush

    Ayush Witch

    Use RedBeanPHP or any query builder like webrium/Foxdb I'll link them later
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