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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Kabluinc, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Kabluinc

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    Hi, can someone make a plugin like the Siri chat bot on old pocket mine forums

    Or even an edited version of that very outdated one would be perfect.

    The chat bot would interact with you and talk to you like a normal bot would with predefined random answers to specific questions. for example if you said hi siri, or how are you siri it would answer with something like hey, or good thanks. Just an example

    Or if that isn't possible even a command like /siri (question) would work

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  2. xBeastMode

    xBeastMode Shog Chips

    This is my chatbot plugin from another forum.


    This plugin will allow you to have an automatic reponse chat bot!

    You have to configure all the messages you want, just install, reload server, and configure the messages in "config.yml"! All
    messages must be in lowercase, reponses can be anyhow. You can add multiple responses and it will choose a random response. Also "%player%" is the replacer for the player's name. You can change reponse type to "private" which will send the player a private or to "broadcast", which will send a public message. That's all there is for this plugin, have fun!
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  3. Kabluinc

    Kabluinc Baby Zombie

    Thanks allot!
  4. LagHD

    LagHD Creeper

    File expired
  5. Shyami

    Shyami Creeper

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  6. ZippyShare is scary.
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  7. I don't advise recreating Siri. If you're going to re-make anything, make sure it is Google Assistant.

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