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Is land claim BLOCK plugin needed?

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  1. LKits

    LKits Creeper


    I've been looking for a long time now for a plugin that adds a land claim BLOCK into the game.
    I don't know why so many plugins are command-oriented, but in my opinion Minecraft should be block placing game, not command typing one.

    Therefore my request is a bit simple, but probably a bit hard one as well.

    A plugin that adds land claim BLOCK into the game.

    What does that block do?
    When a player places it somewhere, pre-configured area becomes accessible only to that player who placed it.

    Configurable: x, y, z area, for example 16x16x16
    Or sphere radius.

    Additional: can add/remove access to the area to some other player.
    Additional: can craft the block.

    But most of all - keep it simple!
    One block - one area.
    Two blocks - two areas.

    What do you think? Would it be too hard to create that one?

    You can point me in some direction. I am able to program a bit though I'm not familiar with MCPE phar development.


    PS: If there is already some similar plugin out there (might be outdated or not), then please let me know. I could "take a look" at that plugin and maybe develop something.
  2. BazookaB3n

    BazookaB3n Creeper

    so a way to do this is to take a simple claim tool (any really) and make it say
    this might work, but dont trust my word for 100%, i am not a very experienced coder either, so if the IDEA doesnt work, let me know!
    also, maybe add a variable that defines what placed is and an event where it would happen. also make it so players can obtain the block or else no-one will be able to claim land

    also maybe make it so players have infinite claim tools, but a limited amount of claim blocks
    (claim blocks are the # of blocks that can be claimed.)

  3. LKits

    LKits Creeper

    Thought of that one could use already existing land claim addon for that.
    But since I'm not familiar with addon programming as well it's quite hard for me to make it.

    But many of those tools have one fault - they make it so that land owner is the one who wrote the command.
    Maybe it's possible to something with permissions, but command like "/landclaim" should be written only by "server" or the one with permissions.

    Also, all landclaims should have identification of some-kind and should be able to list.

    For example:
    /landclaim "owner" "identification" "x1 z1 y1" "length width height"

    Anyways, I'll look into it and maybe it's possible to make something out of it.

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