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Discussion in 'Help' started by taschenspieler, May 2, 2019.

  1. taschenspieler

    taschenspieler Creeper

    I updated my Pocketmine Server to 3.8.1 a few days ago due to the update of the app on my ipad.
    Since then, the server does not show me my position anymore.
    How can I enable this again?

    New tries:
    Tried the 3.8.2 today, same issue.
    Tried also the in game command „/gamerule showcoordinates true“, did not work.
    Checked the phar file, the „old“ one (PocketMine-MP 3.7.0) is 5.1MB, the new one (3.8.2) 4.5MB, why? This behavior seems to depend on the difference of the phar file only.
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  2. taschenspieler

    taschenspieler Creeper

    Does really noone else have an idea how to get this information displayed again?

    I gave Livexyz plugin a try but after its loaded (vers. 0.7.0 release) nothing shows up when typing /xyz in the chat. The command is valid and autocommandcompletion is showing up but nothing else happens.
    Is there a way to enable that by decompress/change some code/ recompress the phar file?

    Since I am no coder but an admin, thats not clear to me...
  3. GamakCZ

    GamakCZ Zombie

    Add MultiWorld plugin if you wana implement /gamerule command
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  4. taschenspieler

    taschenspieler Creeper

    100% success, thanks. Works perfect for me...!

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