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Question Profile e-mail banned?

Discussion in 'Questions about This Forum' started by madhon, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. madhon

    madhon Creeper

    Hello, I had an issue with the e-mail I used for my profile.
    I have fixed it about an hour ago and I can normally receive messages to it, but even if I tried to have the confirmation e-mail re-sent 3 times I have not received it.
    So I created a temporary alias on the same mailserver pointing to the same mailbox and modified my contact details to that new temp alias. There I received the confirmation e-mail almost instantly and could re-activate my account.
    Now I have tried to change my e-mail back to the one I would like to use, but it's telling me I can't change my e-mail address now.
    Any suggestion how to get my account paired with the right e-mail address again?
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