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    I'm trying to set up Pocketmine server and I'm in need of recommendations which plugins to use.

    There is one core-element to the server that will NOT be changed and broken:
    Players (not admins, moderators) will not be typing any commands to play in the server.
    They will not type teleport, home, buy or whatever commands there might be.
    Absolutely everything must be solved through placing, destroying blocks, using some pre-placed buttons, buying/selling must be through "sign-chest-shop" and transactions are hand-to-hand through items of value.

    I'm probably trying to implement economy into the server and using in-game item as currency. Right now thinking of gold.
    You get gold (mine or somewhere else), sell it to the bank to get currency.
    To see your currency you either visit bank employee or get yourself some item that you can use to see your money.

    As stated before shops are done by signs or some other easy method.
    If you want to sell, you need to refill chests yourself or make somekind automatic refill system.

    Land protection:
    Trying to make it through "land claim blocks". Player can either craft or buy land-claim-blocks and place them where they want.
    Destroying those blocks after 30 seconds or so will destroy them. You will not get it back. Reason? To avoid "escaping from PvP" or something.
    Land claim blocks protect from other players, but not NPC-s.
    Maybe also include this feature that if player hasn't visited land-claim-block (or been near it) for couple of days then block will be destroyed and land will be free to use.

    Anyways, the main goal is clear - no typing of commands.

    Any hints which plugins I could use, edit in order to achieve what I'm looking for?

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