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Announcement New PocketMine-MP Crash-Archive is up!

Discussion in 'News' started by dktapps, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. dktapps

    dktapps Administrator Staff Member PMMP Team

    Today we're opening our new crash archive, https://crash.pmmp.io

    What is this?
    This crash archive replaces the old crash archive at http://crash.pocketmine.net. It has been entirely rewritten into Go by @Intyre, and the new version is much faster, actually works correctly and is accessible by current PocketMine-MP staff.

    What does it do?
    It stores PocketMine-MP crash reports. You can submit your own crash reports manually, or you can allow PocketMine-MP to report them automatically for you. Crash reports are open for everyone to view, however private information will not be shown. Plugin developers may use the Crash-Archive to help resolve issues with their plugins, and PMMP team members will be able to use reported crashes to improve PocketMine-MP and fix issues with it.

    By default PocketMine-MP will automatically report crashes to the `update-host` set in your pocketmine.yml. You can control what data is reported using these settings in pocketmine.yml.
    - `enabled`: True by default. Crash reports will be automatically sent to the crash archive.
    - `send-code`: True by default, this setting allows the crash report to capture a few lines of code around the area where the exception occurred.
    - `send-settings`: Controls whether or not your pocketmine.yml will be reported. pocketmine.yml is not publically viewable and will only be used by PMMP team members to aid reproduction of reported issues.
    - `send-phpinfo`: Controls whether to include information about your PHP version and loaded extensions is reported.
    - `use-https`: True by default, HTTPS is required to use the new Crash-Archive. However, the old archive did not support or use HTTPS, so you'll need to set this to False if you want to use the old CA again.

    Using the new Crash Archive
    Manual reporting

    Manual reporting is super-easy: just head over to https://crash.pmmp.io/submit, paste or upload your crashdump, give a name and email, and punch the Submit button.

    Automatic reporting
    If you want to use automatic crash reporting, you'll need to update your PocketMine-MP version to commit a0ef15b1 or later, or Jenkins build #215 or later. This is because changes were required to the core code to add support for HTTPS, which, as mentioned above, is required by the new CA.

    Once you've updated to a compatible PocketMine-MP version, you can then change `auto-report.host` to `crash.pmmp.io` in your pocketmine.yml. When a crash report is submitted to the archive by PocketMine-MP, you'll see a message in the console something like this:
     The crash dump has been automatically submitted to the Crash Archive. You can view it on https://crash.pmmp.io/view/38 or use the ID #38.
  2. jasonwynn10

    jasonwynn10 Moderator Poggit Reviewer

    How often are the reports cleared and how can we mark them as resolved?
  3. TheDiamondYT

    TheDiamondYT Zombie

    Go away.
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  4. TheDiamondYT

    TheDiamondYT Zombie

  5. KnownUnown

    KnownUnown Spider Jockey Poggit Reviewer

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  6. Leselampe

    Leselampe Spider Jockey

    Nice work !
  7. robske_110 (Tim)

    robske_110 (Tim) Wither Skeleton Poggit Reviewer

    Still kinda cool to browse through and just read. I just spent 30mins doing that.
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