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Discussion in 'Help' started by ShushImSam, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Alright so Im tired, honestly I'm thinking about changing of host because this is SO annoying. I try to get help but it take days to get a response so Hopefully someone can help me out. I use TitanNodes as Hosting Services, You have free mySQL databases with TitanNodes. the problem with it is that EVERY PLUGINS who are good one such as MyPlots, breaks because of my Database could anyone help me please? In few words I keep getting the "MySQL Server has gone away" and the problem is they claim it lasts 8 hours but when I check the database via phpadmin, its not. Then, Ive tried editing this value, not permission. As quick example. Its gonna work fine for a while, Then once for no reason, MyPlots will ping the database to check if the connection is still alive to recreate it if it isnt. And poof I get "MySQL Server has gone away". Plugin Crash, Server Crash. Im so tired of this honestly, Could Anyone out there help me with this
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    I'm always sceptical about the reliability of "free" stuff that comes with paid stuff. How much do you pay the host? What's your maximum budget? Why not run your own server on a VPS? You have to learn a lot more than for a hosted solution, but it's all very useful information. I checked TitanNodes offers, and there's no information at all about how their servers are managed, how resources are shared between customers etc. "Powered by..." does not necessarily mean that's what you're getting.
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    The electricity supply you get is powered by a big nuclear plant, except it's distributed among millions of users and your home cables can't afford that current.
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