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Discussion in 'Development' started by yolodude1234567, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. yolodude1234567

    yolodude1234567 Silverfish

    So I'm making a plugin for my SkyBlock server to log their blocks placed, broke, traveled, Money, ETC in a MYSQL database so I can use my discord bot to connect to the same MYSQL database and retrieve the data I put on it. Does anyone have any value insight on how I can get started on that?
  2. Primus

    Primus Zombie Pigman

    Have general knowledge of pocktmine plugins and php. If you do, then look up on how to implement MySQL data providers. There are many examples out there.

    What's the probem you're facing?
  3. BeastBomber23

    BeastBomber23 Silverfish

    pocketmine discord api is a start. My friend emanggek on youtube made a video on it.
  4. yolodude1234567

    yolodude1234567 Silverfish

    I sorted it all out, Now works and sends my stats to mysql to be used in for my discord bot, Just wondering, if anyone has any insight on how one may save a players face and use it, I've been looking for a while, and I can't find much of any answers, I've seen one answer from muqsit which was to parse the .dat file then save that as a .png but I haven't really seen many other answers on how people have done this.

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