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My pmmp4 first plugin (so bad)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Miguu, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. Miguu

    Miguu Creeper

    Hi, i just started learning pmmp4 yesterday, and i just finished my first plugin today, i uploaded it on my server and the console says "not found Main class", idk where i miss and i would like you say it to me, i know a bit cuz i dont understand English so good and there are so few tutorials in spanish that are not for 14 years old kids, plz help me.
    namespace Miguu\Prueba;

    use pocketmine\plugin\PluginBase;
    use pocketmine\command\Command;
    use pocketmine\command\CommandSender;
    use pocketmine\event\Listener;
    use pocketmine\Player;

    class Main extends PluginBase {

    protected function onEnable() : void{
    $this->getLogger()->info("Plugin has been Enabled");
    $this->getServer()->getPluginManager()->registerEvents(new EventListener(), $this);
    public function onCommand(CommandSender $sender, Command $cmd, string $label, array $args) : bool{
    case "lore":
    $name = $sender->getName();
    if(!$sender instanceof Player){
    $sender->sendMessage("Gilipollas, esto solo funciona en el juego");
    $sender->sendMessage("Lore," . $name . "te ama");
    return false;

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  2. GamingFR91

    GamingFR91 Spider Jockey

    Check the File name or check the plugin.yml if there is not a problem with folder name
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