Microsoft Official Server Map to PocketMine Map

Discussion in 'Help' started by ReachCraft, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. ReachCraft

    ReachCraft Creeper

    Hey Guys,

    I'm sure there might be threads on this but i cant see any up to date solutions.

    I currently run a dedicated bedrock server (Microsoft official alpha server). I got PocketMine set up on our server, and we could connect as players and be in the world, but every time i tried to copy our map information to the server, it just said the world could not be loaded.

    Is there a good tool to convert Bedrock Official server maps to something Pocketmine can use?

    I tried MCCTool Chest PE, but it seems to throw an IO error, ive tweeted the guy on that, so waiting there.

    Does it matter much that this world originally came from a Realm?
  2. TheClimbing

    TheClimbing Spider Jockey

    Vanilla worlds are in different format and creating a port is too complicated so there is no such tool
  3. CupidonSauce173

    CupidonSauce173 Zombie

    Is it in that .db file ? The same as the survival worlds? If yes, then yes you can. I make maps from Java and convert them to Bedrock edition (for block mapping) so it makes them to be in .db db then I reconvert them in mcpc worlds (without block mapping) and drop them in pmmp

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