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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Thunder33345, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Basically a plugin that generates maze:
    it should be able to generate a maze with a configurable dimension(X&Z) and wall height(Y)
    the plugin should be able to generate a configurable walkway with and wall with
    the floor should be configurable with ID or null to left it as whatever blocks it is, the wall should be configurable but seperate config from the floor
    there should be some indication of the start point and the end point, it is not required to for both points to be on the wall/a way to get out but at the very lest the coordinates of both points should be sent to executor
    any algorithm that forms a decent enough maze works
    using asynctask or threads are not entirely necessary, but using a delay call back task in between building the maze is preferred

    bonus points:
    if you can make a maze "3d" by having more then one layers and using ladders to move up/down

    not nessary needed, but could be a cool project if anyone have nothing better to do
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