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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Harvey, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Harvey

    Harvey Spider

    Howdy! I am just curious about how to go about creating a seperate launcher for mcpe. Kind of like blocklauncher. I have a habit of clicking the optifine zoom button in mcpe and I want to make my own launcher so I can add the zoom function and other cool features as I feel the need for them :/. Hopefully this post makes some sense lol.

    Edit: I found it easier to make an add-on, instead of an entire launcher xD. Wish me luck!
    Edit2: Add-ons are aparently just for adding new/changing mobs and blocks. USELESS
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  2. Thunder33345

    Thunder33345 Moderator Staff Member

    that means making your own mod
    unless it's on android blocklauncher
    lets just say:
    welcome to the undocumented land of modding
    only thing that will help you is assembly some low level C
    and a bunch of time to make sense of what is even going on
    and how to archive your goals
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  3. Flavius12

    Flavius12 Spider Jockey

    Making a MCPE launcher is not a simple task. You must have a good knowledge of Java, C++ and Assembly. Then you need a lot of time to disassembly and understand the MCPE code (this tecnique is called reverse engineering). After that you can start writing your launcher. Debugging will be very annoying since you will experience lots of unexpected bugs/crashes...
    So, if you really want to write a custom MCPE launcher, create a group of programmers and start writing it.
  4. Eduardo

    Eduardo Baby Zombie


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