Solved How to set enchant on item in hand

Discussion in 'Plugin Help' started by AsponPL, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. AsponPL

    AsponPL Spider Jockey

    Hello, i have a problem with my plugin this is for adding a enchant to an item in hand but it do nothing that's my code

    $player->getInventory()->getItemInHand()->addEnchantment(new EnchantmentInstance(Enchantment::getEnchantment(5), 3));
  2. Deniel

    Deniel Spider Jockey

    $player = $event->getPlayer();
    $inv = $player->getInventory();
    $item = $inv->getItemInHand();
    $item->addEnchantment(new EnchantmentInstance(Enchantment::getEnchantment(5), 3));

    I don't know how to put the code in the format you have, but here is an example for how to fix your problem.
    When you add an enchantment to an $item, you basically make a clone of it in code, and in no way affect the player's inventory. This is why you need to setItemInHand to that specific item after adding an enchantment to it. I hope I helped you.
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  3. AsponPL

    AsponPL Spider Jockey

    it work thanks

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