How to create NPC to player?

Discussion in 'Requests' started by kelauzer, Aug 11, 2021.

  1. kelauzer

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    After player join to server i make npc to him, and after server stop with this error. What is the problem?
    $p->getLevel()->loadChunk($x >> 4, $z >> 4);
    $nbt = \pocketmine\entity\Human::createBaseNBT(new Location($x,$y,$z,0,0,$p->getLevel()), null, $p->getYaw(), $p->getPitch());
    $nbt->setTag(new \pocketmine\nbt\tag\CompoundTag("Skin", [
    "Name" => new \pocketmine\nbt\tag\StringTag("Name", $p->getSkin()->getSkinId()),
    "Data" => new \pocketmine\nbt\tag\ByteArrayTag("Data", $p->getSkin()->getSkinData()),
    "CapeData" => new \pocketmine\nbt\tag\ByteArrayTag("CapeData", $p->getSkin()->getCapeData())
    $entity = new \pocketmine\entity\Human($p->getLevel(), $nbt);
    Console error:
    UnexpectedValueException: "Duplicate key "BurnTime"" (EXCEPTION) in "pmsrc/vendor/pocketmine/nbt/src/tag/CompoundTag" at line 334
    2021-08-11 [07:24:06] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: #0 pmsrc/vendor/pocketmine/nbt/src/ReaderTracker(45): pocketmine\nbt\tag\CompoundTag->pocketmine\nbt\tag\{closure}()
    2021-08-11 [07:24:06] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: #1 pmsrc/vendor

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