[HereAuth] glitch, password on chat

Discussion in 'Plugin Help' started by Hipster, May 29, 2017.

  1. Hipster

    Hipster Zombie

    i didn't change anything, HereAuth was working fine earlier, but now when the server restarts and when people put in the password, it shows on chat, because the "Please login" message doesn't appear when they login, it appears after sometime, i also have 'BlockPasswordChat' on true, and plugin shows no error or get disabled, there's no lag, and there's around 150k json user files in users, i am using pocketmine latest, php 7.0.15, using HereAuth Beta, please help asap!
    - is it due to php 7.0.15? or because there's too many JSON files to read?
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  2. Matthew

    Matthew Baby Zombie

    I think you should post an issue on the hereauth github repository.

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