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    ErrorException: "Use of undefined constant D - assumed 'D' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP)" (EXCEPTION) in "plugins/Svile/src/svile/sw/SWmain" at line 193

        function OnlineBarWorld(){
    $this->getServer()->getOnlinePlayers() as $p){
    $p->getLevel()->getFolderName() == 'lobby'){
    $online count($this->getServer()->getOnlinePlayers());
    $money $this->economy132->myMoney($p->getName());
    $kill $this->cfg2->get($p->getName());
    $win $this->cfg1->get($p->getName());
    $game $this->cfg3->get($p->getName());
    $nickname strtolower($p->getName());
    $space str_repeat(" "75);
    $p->sendTip($space ."     §a>> §eHUYTER §a<<\n\n"$space ."§fPlayer: §c{$online}\n"$space ."§fMoney: §c{$money}\n\n"$space ."§fKills: §c{$kill}\n"$space ."§fsouls:§a "."§r\n"$t ."§fwin: §a{$win}\n"$space ."§fGame: §c{$game}\n"$space ."§\n".  str_repeat("\n"13));

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