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Frequently-asked Questions and High-quality Posts

Discussion in 'Development' started by SOFe, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. SOFe

    SOFe Administrator Staff Member PMMP Team Poggit Admin

    I have created a wiki that summarizes FAQs and high-quality posts on this forum: https://bit.ly/PmDev

    Some questions are asked on this forum so frequently. If you have seen the same question many times, instead of sending an LMGTFY link, send people here.
    Some posts on this forum are really good, but they get buried under many boring posts. To preserve them, bring them here.

    This wiki page can be edited by anyone, but please summarize and paraphrase before pasting so that a reader can understand the post without visiting the scenario.
    While examples are encouraged, the questions should not be too specific so as to be useful for readers.
    Please also link to the forum post that you copied the content from or referred to.

    This wiki was created so that instead of asking people to search, they can be linked to this page where answers can be quickly found.
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