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  1. Daan

    Daan Creeper

    This is fitniss: Fitness is but a plugin that checks whether you are fat or thin so if you are at points (20) you walk a bit slow, That is also the starterfitness, If you die goes 20 off so then you have 0 Fitness Points , If you want to have it again you have to go swimming, walk and running and fly with an elytra and also when eating can earn fitness points.
    More information: It is true if you are fat in real life you can not run very fast and if you are fit you can do more so if you are fitness 0 you walk very slow and if you are fitness 140 you can jump 2 blocks high and you run speed 3
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    Before any moderator kneejerks: The title is called "fitness", but this is not a spam post advertising fitness products!

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