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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by GamakCZ, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. GamakCZ

    GamakCZ Baby Zombie

    How can I get the 'Featured' flag on poggit for my plugins? Is it possible for members who are not in the pmmp team?
  2. corytortoise

    corytortoise Skeleton

    I can't find the post where I found this, but I remember SOFe saying that a plugin has to be handpicked to be featured, but that it hasn't happened yet. I think they're in need of reviewers, so that may have an effect on it.
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  3. robske_110 (Tim)

    robske_110 (Tim) Wither Skeleton Poggit Reviewer Verified

    At them moment, there are no rules and or guidelines for the poggit reviewers when a plugin should get the "Featured" flag. So there are defiantly no steps for how to get Featured. But, in the case that we finally might start to consider plugins for Featuring (featuring would most likely be a team-descion anyways), following some of the things on the following list is not going to do any bad: (Please note that since these are not official, and more or less my view, and also only a excerpt you cannot rely on this and there's defiantly not a guarantee)
    - A useful and well written plugin. (minimal count of bugs, good code quality)
    - A very good description. (Show how to use, list features, give tips on usage, just describe&document what you have developed really, also GitHub wikis are not bad) Not the average 2 sentence one you find on most of the plugins on poggit.)
    - A plugin icon is always helpful
    - User friendliness
    - It should work, no broken features.
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