Does anyone know why this happens?

Discussion in 'Development' started by GioUwUrYT, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. GioUwUrYT

    GioUwUrYT Creeper

    Hello, I have had a problem with a plugin that closes my server and this happened in the new PocketMine-MP api
    I do not know why it happens but I leave the error, please if someone knows and if they know how to solve the best

    pmsrc/src/pocketmine/entity/projectile/Projectile(189): pocketmine\math\VoxelRayTrace::betweenPoints(object pocketmine\math\Vector3, object pocketmine\math\Vector3)
    #1 pmsrc/src/pocketmine/entity/Entity(1384): pocketmine\entity\projectile\Projectile->move(double NAN, double 1.5205628457523, double NAN)
    #2 pmsrc/src/pocketmine/level/Level(854): pocketmine\entity\Entity->onUpdate(integer 1909)
    #3 pmsrc/src/pocketmine/level/Level(787): pocketmine\level\Level->actuallyDoTick(integer 1909)
  2. mcbeserver

    mcbeserver Creeper

    Hey, it seems that you pass to the ->move() function invalid parameter, according to the error message its the first and third parameter
  3. minijaham

    minijaham Zombie Pigman

    dude didn’t even give us the error. He just sent the backtrace.

    Well, first off, be glad that no one moderates on forums anymore(except few). You made unnecessarily many threads regarding the same issue you are having.
    Secondly, like I mentioned earlier, send us the error and code, not the freaking backtrace.
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