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Discussion in 'Development' started by GamakCZ, Feb 6, 2020.

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    Hello, I'm working on better world generator for PocketMine. For better generator I need structures as village, igloos, etc. I've used NBT files from BDS to use default textures. NBT has 2 main list tags, palette and blocks. Pallete has format
    [$index => (CompoundTag) [Name => "minecraft:blockname"], $index => ...]
    . I've tried to use ids from vanilla resources (block_id_map.json). However they were incomplete. How can I build same map with all the blocknames? Missing for example minecraft:dark_oak_log, minecraft:birch_planks or minecraft:dark_oak_planks

       private function load() {
    $data = (new BigEndianNBTStream())->readCompressed(file_get_contents($this->path));
    /** @var array $compound */
    $compounds $data->getValue();

             * @var int[] $palette
             * stateId => pmmpId
    $palette = [];

    /** @var CompoundTag $state */
    foreach ($compounds["palette"] as $state) {
    // $this->getBlockMap() returns pocketmine/resources/vanilla/block_id_map.json as array
    $palette[] = $this->getBlockMap()[$state->getString("Name")] ?? 0;

    /** @var CompoundTag $blockData */
    foreach ($compounds["blocks"] as $blockData) {
    $pos $blockData->getListTag("pos");
    $state $blockData->getInt("state");
    $this->data[] = [$pos->offsetGet(0), $pos->offsetGet(1), $pos->offsetGet(2), $palette[$state]];

    $compounds["size"])) {
    /** @var ListTag $list */
    $list $compounds["size"];
    $this->axisVector = new Vector3($list->offsetGet(0), $list->offsetGet(1), $list->offsetGet(2));



    After first test I've got this result.

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