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Copyrighting NBS files

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Goth, May 19, 2021.

  1. Goth

    Goth Creeper

    Joined this forum because I saw an argument from 2016 that has been long locked where someone said .NBS files cant be copyrighted and a member wjho staff who clearly enjoys adviocating multi-millionaire musicians said "Oh yeah"

    Just wanted so say yeah, because .NBS files dont sound anything like the real thing. Thats how performers get away with singing songs in the street because they dont sound like the real thing. If I were to simply whistle a Katy Perry song in the street am I in danger of being sued?
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  2. Axon

    Axon Zombie

    I've never thought of this. I would want to vouch no but this law stack exchange says it's illegal
    I don't think somebody will sue you though since it's ridiculous to sue someone for whistling.
    Notice: The top statement is my opinion, i'm not responsible for any illegal actions. [lmao] :p
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  3. EdwardHamHam

    EdwardHamHam Skeleton

    Actually, yes to be technical. That song belongs to Katy Perry, and she (or her label/publisher) could in fact sue you if they were so inclined. Granted, most artists or companies won't unless you're actually making money off of it (there's a reason why a lot of street performers here in the US either use/perform their own songs or use one that's gone public domain) but it's still possible. Knowing how brutal music publishers can be in lawsuits, I wouldn't risk it. That being said, making songs in Note Block Studio is an entirely different medium and I honestly don't know where the line would be drawn in that case. Copyright laws can be a hassle to deal with.
    And you say NBS files "don't sound like the real thing" but honestly that's bogus. The whole point of Note Block Studio is to make songs that do sound like the real thing, just played on well noteblocks. There are some really well-made ones of real songs and while the instrument is in fact completely different and there's no voice, the melody is really easily recognizable as the song in question.
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