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  1. De Mn

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    I am new so sorry about the following. ( I am on windows)

    For a server directory, where should I place it and what should i name it?
    1. Create a new directory for PocketMine-MP. --> does this mean like a new folder or as a part of my server directory?
    2. Download PocketMine-MP.phar --. do i only download the .phar? or also the tar.gz and zip?
    3. Rename the .phar to PocketMine-MP.phar --> what does it mean by rename? the name is already the same
    4. Place it in the PocketMine-MP directory you just created.
    5. Get the start script for your platform --> when i tried the cmd it said that the .phar file was not found
    much help would be greatly appreciated
  2. EdwardHamHam

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    1. It means a new folder for you to put the server in. That will be the server directory.
    2. I'm not sure what zip and tar.gz you're talking about? If you mean the one with the PHP binaries, then you need to extract it and place the bin folder in the server directory.
    3. If the name is already PocketMine-MP.phar, than you don't need to rename it, and can skip this step.
    4. Your server directory.
    5. Well, you need to have the phar file and CMD in the same folder (your server directory). And the phar's name must be PocketMine-MP.phar (which you already said it was). Did you make sure the phar and CMD are in the same place?
  3. hikingjungle

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    That means that if the .phar file has numbers or anything that is not PocketMine-MP.phar (eg. PocketMine-MP1.3.5.phar)

    here is a pic of how you need to set it up

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