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Discussion in 'Help' started by Mohagames205, May 26, 2019.

  1. Mohagames205

    Mohagames205 Silverfish

    Hi, when a friends ties to join the server he cannot join. In the console I see that the "logged in" but then right after that there is the message that there was a "client disconnect". The user has the same version as the server and is whitelisted, he can join every other server except mine. But other players can join miy server except him.

    [19:40:45] [Server thread/INFO]: GewoonOle[/hisIP] logged in with entity id 131 at (world, -738, 31, 953)
    [19:41:28] [Server thread/INFO]: GewoonOle[/hisIP] logged out due to client disconnect
  2. Archer

    Archer Spider Jockey

    Do you have any plugins that aren’t Poggit releases? If so please list them. I’m not a pro on this stuff, but if I can find out what plugin it is, I could try and help you.

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