Can someone please help me with bettervote plugins

Discussion in 'Plugin Help' started by Mrniceguy123, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Mrniceguy123

    Mrniceguy123 Silverfish

    im trying to give my players vote keys when they vote but i just cant figure how!. I tried putting the command next to [commands:] but it didnt work. I replaced the title command with vote command but still didnt work please help.

    api-key: "mXnRwFPfN2G5BRYjly0G1pr2teyH4qQvqC" # API Key from
    # Commands to be executed when a player claims their vote.
    # They should not include the first "/" and they should be encased in quotes.
    # It is recommended to encase the username variable in escaped quotes (\") to make sure it
    # is sent as one argument to the command to ensure they get all of their rewards.
    # List of useable variables:
    # {username}: The player's in game username
    # {displayname}: The player's display/nick name
    # {x}: The player's X coordinate
    # {y}: The player's Y coordinate
    # {z}: The player's Z coordinate
    - "key Vote 2 {player}"
    - "title \"{username}\" title &aVote"
    - "title \"{username}\" subtitle &7Thanks for voting!"
    # If droprewards is true, rewards will be dropped on the floor if a player's inventory is full
    # If droprewards if false, rewards will dissapear if a player's inventory is full
    droprewards: true
    # Items to be given to a player when they claim their vote.
    # They should follow the format: "item_name:meta:amount:name:enchant_name:enchant_level".
    # "name" can either be a custom name, or "default" to have no custom name.
    # "item_name", "meta", "amount" & "name" must all come before any enchantments.
    # "enchant_name:enchant_level" can be repeated as many times as you want.
    # Enchantments from PiggyCustomEnchants are also supported, use them the same as regular enchants.
    # They should also always be encased in quotes to make sure they get parsed properly.
    - "air:0:1"
  2. minijaham

    minijaham Baby Zombie

    What crates plugin do you use? What's the command to give keys to players?
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  3. Mrniceguy123

    Mrniceguy123 Silverfish


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