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  1. NIIP99

    NIIP99 Silverfish

    Oh yeah, my bad for that :/ I saw it wrongly

    And you're the one getting more off-topic :/

    And please, this is absolutely not recommended:
    They should use this for sure:

    Maybe please learn to accept, as you said you are not the best in PHP, me either, im not the best too. But we all learn during the process. You're wrong with your code at this point, so it's better for you to accept your error in your code and fix it instead of spreading your error through tje community.
    My advice is just as above, you have the rights to listen or not.

    And I'm gonna stop here no matter what you reply later, I just dont want to get banned for off topic
  2. [deleted]

    [deleted] Guest

    As I said before lets dont go off topic so dont reply :facepalm:;)
  3. SOFe

    SOFe Administrator Staff Member PMMP Team Poggit Admin

    An excellent thread for anyone looking for comedy.
    Affirming the consequence doesn't prove something true.
    The whole thread is offtopic in the first place. It's asking about a fundamental PHP question, about how to use arrays, how to cast to string, what happens when you cast a string into a string and how to inject a variable or an array member into a string. Very entertaining though blatantly offtopic.
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