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Anyone have a Factions core featured with

Discussion in 'Requests' started by minijaham, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. minijaham

    minijaham Skeleton

    Everything UI(using FormAPI)
    Compatible with PureChat({fac_rank} and {fac_name}
    /f create {name} (announce in chat when a player makes a faction, and costs configurable)
    /f disband
    /f ally {faction}
    /f unally {faction}
    /f deposit {amount}
    /f claim(costs configurable in config, and when in a claimed zone, it displays in the actionbar like "Land claimed by {faction}" and stops when you aren't in. CLAIMS the chunk you are in)
    /f chat
    /f allychat
    /f home (must be in a claimed land)
    /f sethome
    /f invite {player}
    /f promote {player}
    /f demote {player}
    /f transferownership {player} (this transfers the ownership to a player)
    /f info {faction}
    /f top(top money, richest faction by it's money deposited by
    /f deposit)
    /f seechunks(shows chunks that you are in with particles)
    Admin(op) commands:
    /f setbal(sets the faction value, the amount of the money deposited)
    /f forcedisband {faction}
    /f forceunclaim (unclaims the land forcefully) Chat features(fonts): can be configurable in config
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