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  1. Caitlin Edwards

    Caitlin Edwards Creeper

    I would love to be staff on the mine craft server pocket mine but I don’t know how to... any ideas
  2. SOFe

    SOFe Administrator Staff Member PMMP Team Poggit Admin

    1. Get a decent gun and shoot down any guards defending the server building
    2. Climb through the water pipes and enter the server room through the exhaust duct
    3. Use a hairpin to open the cage locking the server
    4. Download a cracker software on your phone and connect your phone to the server using USB
    5. Run the cracker software. It has a black terminal "Cracking software. Cracking xxx%..." and a lot of random characters that no professional hacker will actually be able to see what's going on there, and you will keep typing random stuff on the phone and pretending to be very professional while you actually can't see what you're typing
    6. The cracker software stops running, and your black terminal suddenly changes into a beautiful Minecraft world
    7. You click a lot of random buttons on your phone, and a lot of random output appears again, and the world blocks keep switching between UPD\nATE and ATE\nUPD, but somehow only grass blocks are affected
    8. There is suddenly a very beautiful modal form asking "make Caitlin Edwards staff"? Click "Yes", and you become staff!

    9. The server announces "Caitlin Edwards became staff", then the sysadmin runs in. Seeing that you didn't actually affect the server downtime, he tells you, "why so much trouble? just give me $50 and I will make you staff."
  3. LoneDespairYt

    LoneDespairYt Spider

    First find a server that you'd feel part of,

    Second ask youself why do you want to be a staff on that server and why would they accept you, but for servers that is just starting out, its super easy to be a staff, just act professionally and be on good side of all your fellow staff members

    Third and the most important, becoming a staff is piece of cake but staying as one is something that takes a lot of effort,

    Also just a tip choose a server that has a server owner that really care for the server, and also has the capacity to keep the server open
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