Add effect with attack to player

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    namespace Stick;

    use pocketmine\command\Command;
    use pocketmine\command\CommandSender;
    use pocketmine\entity\Effect;
    use pocketmine\event\entity\EntityDamageByEntityEvent;
    use pocketmine\event\entity\EntityDamageEvent;
    use pocketmine\event\Listener;
    use pocketmine\item\Armor;
    use pocketmine\item\Axe;
    use pocketmine\item\Item;
    use pocketmine\item\Pickaxe;
    use pocketmine\item\Shovel;
    use pocketmine\item\Sword;
    use pocketmine\math\Vector3;
    use pocketmine\Player;
    use pocketmine\plugin\PluginBase;
    use pocketmine\utils\Config;
    use pocketmine\utils\TextFormat as TF;

    class Stick extends PluginBase implements Listener
    private $config;

    public function onEnable()
    $this->getServer()->getPluginManager()->registerEvents($this, $this);

    public function onEntityDamage(EntityDamageEvent $event)

    if ($event instanceof EntityDamageByEntityEvent) {

    $player = $event->getEntity();
    $effect = $event->getEffect();

    if($effect instanceof Player){

    $item = $effect->getInventory()->getItemInHand();


  2. SOFe

    SOFe Administrator Staff Member PMMP Team Poggit Admin

    Tip: you no longer need to check $event instanceof EntityDamageByEntityEvent. You could directly put EntityDamageByEntityEvent in the parameter type.

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