1.12 Loading screen disaster - Workaround for Windows 10

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  1. XenialDan

    XenialDan Baby Zombie

    Is this what you have seen the whole day?
    Update 29th Nov.: Android & iOS tutorial added below! > Jump to the post <
    Well, there is a solution to it. Minecraft has it's 10 year anniversary. And something went wrong.

    Windows 10 users
    • Close Minecraft
    • Open "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" and edit it as administrator (I suggest using Notepad++ or similar for the "edit as administrator" option)
    • add these lines at the bottom and save
      Code: minecraftprod.rtep.msgamestudios.com xforgeassets002.xboxlive.com xforge.xboxlive.com
    • Open CMD, run
      services networking restart
      (or just restart your internet)
    • Make a backup of your minecraftpe folder
      This folder includes worlds, options and servers
    • Maybe also backup your skins and resource packs located in the
    • Uninstall Minecraft
    • Reinstall Minecraft from an .appx file. You can just use https://github.com/MCMrARM/mc-w10-version-launcher to download and install Minecraft 1.12
    • Launch Minecraft (this is needed as it creates necessary folders)
    • Close Minecraft
    • Restore your minecraftpe folder backup into
      , and whatever other backups you created
    • Launch Minecraft
    • upload_2019-11-21_18-32-33.png
      Minecraft successfully launches again!

      It also appears to launch a little faster than before (reasons unknown), but that could just be due to the reinstall

      Please leave a like if this helped you
    Update 29th Nov.: Android & iOS tutorial added below! > Jump to the post <
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  2. JackMD

    JackMD Silverfish

    Thanks alot!
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  3. Muqsit

    Muqsit Chicken

    Thank salot
  4. XenialDan

    XenialDan Baby Zombie

    Update for Android users!
    - Get a copy of the app as .APK file! There are plenty apps that can do this. Those are 2 i used and tested: https://app-backup-and-restore.en.uptodown.com/android and "Lucky Patcher"
    - Back up your minecraft data. If you can not find your worlds in the folder "minecraftpe", you might have set the file location to "Internal" in Minecraft. Check out this pc tool to back up them anyways if necessary: https://tikolu.net/worldExporter/
    - Uninstall Minecraft, best via Phone Manager. The Minecraft folders must be fully wiped for this trick to function! (Reason: there are some cached downloads in the app's install folder)
    - Get the app dns66 from f-droid: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.jak_linux.dns66/ (Make sure you download the app, not f-droid)
    - Install the app (How-To: https://www.androidpit.com/android-for-beginners-what-is-an-apk-file), open it and allow installation of the VPN profile (necessary to block dns requests)
    - In the app, click the "Hosts" tab, Enable the "Filter Hosts" toggle
    - Click the ( + ) icon in the bottom right corner to add another hosts list
    - Enter following URL in "URI or Host": https://gist.githubusercontent.com/...3c246a7d4181ce7f402628669c3eba95bc/mc112hosts
    - Set any title in "Title"
    - Select "Deny / Block" in "Rules" dropdown
    - Confirm by clicking the check mark in the top right corner!
    - Make sure the shield icon is solid like in the screenshot below by tapping the shield
    - Optionally, put the host further up in the list by holding + dragging
    - Additionally, the dns66 app also acts as system wide ad blocker, just enable the "StevenBlacks" entry. It contains alot of dns entries and is frequently updated
    - You can also select custom dns servers in the DNS tab, which can speed up the time taken to request a website
    - Reinstall the Minecraft app from the .APK file you created earlier
    - Restore your worlds, skins, options etc. as explained in the Windows tutorial above
    - If Minecraft cries about the License being invalid, try this:
    1. Open Google Play
    2. Go to "My Apps" (in the hamburger menu)
    3. Select the "Installed" tab, wait until it finished loading.
    4. Locate the Minecraft app. Click "Open". If there is no "Open" button but "Update", try long-tapping the app name, it should show a popup where the "Open" button then exist.
    5. upload_2019-12-1_1-50-46.png After this step, the license should be validated



    Here is a screenshot of Minecraft Windows 10 (top) and MCPE on my phone (mirrored to pc via srccpy), both now working!

    iOS Users
    iOS users might be out of luck without Jailbreak. You must jailbreak the phone, and install a dns blocker tweak. More below.

    No Jailbreak - paid options
    From my findings though, there is this app that can block custom hosts. The setup process is basically similar to the Windows hosts option
    An alternative might be AdGuard https://adguard.com/en/adguard-ios/overview.html

    You would have to delete the data of Minecraft in the same way as in the Windows description https://forums.pmmp.io/threads/1-12-loading-screen-disaster-workaround-for-windows-10.8764/

    I personally have no iOS device, so i can not assist you with this.
  5. HimbeersaftLP

    HimbeersaftLP Fish

    Or App Manager->Backup in Amaze file explorer from the Play Store (or fdroid) for a less shady approach.
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  6. RicardoMilos384

    RicardoMilos384 Spider Jockey

    If mcpe 1.12 error Again
    Use mcpe 1.12.1

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