How Can Get Item id from item name

Discussion in 'Plugin Help' started by ResooTR43, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. ResooTR43

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    I want to get the id of the item from the item name. For example, the sign says Stone. I want to get the id of this item by pulling this text from the sign. i make SignShop. how can I do?
  2. Axon

    Axon Zombie

    You can use the ItemFactory static function FromString() to get the Item's Id.
    Example accepted formats:
    • diamond_pickaxe:5
    • minecraft:string
    • 351:4 (lapis lazuli ID:meta)
    If multiple item instances are to be created, their identifiers must be comma-separated, for example: diamond_pickaxe,wooden_shovel:18,iron_ingot

    pocketmine\item\ItemFactory::fromString("minecraft:diamond_pickaxe")->getId() // Get's the item then get's the item's id.
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  3. ResooTR43

    ResooTR43 Spider

    but this can cause some problems. I don't want it to say "diamond_pickaxe" on the sign. I want it to say "Diamond Pickaxe"
    Line0 - [SignShop]
    Line1 - Diamond Pickaxe
    Line2 - 1 Piece
    Line3 - 100 Dolars
    I want it that way
  4. Axon

    Axon Zombie

    You can use str_replace() to change the space to underscore, then lowercase the string
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