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  1. Dinokiller

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    Yeah there's much more, those were just some of the things that came to my mind.
  2. reidq7

    reidq7 Spider

    Favorite memories:
    0.8.0: Finding out I could lead dozens of players on ZDT Craft & BEAST62000's server
    0.9.0: Meeting Hotshot9930 on StayHotCraft
    0.10.0: meeting XFuryMCPE on SEI Craft, starting Kingdoms Craft with my friend, because I wanted to know what it would be like to lead people
    0.11.0: Learning what FTP was lol
    0.12.0: Reaching a few hundred players on my server and being like whaaaat
    0.13.0: Reaching rank 1 for 4 months straight, and ridiculous player counts
    0.14.0: Making $1700 in a single week, peak of my moneymaking
    0.15.0: Actually having a life because multiplayer sucked and I quit; Twitter
    0.16.0: Restarting, glad to be back

    In general: hype during dalton releasing lbsg core
    hype during lbsg account hack
    skyping with people
    making friends
    having depressed teenagers tell me my server was the only place they had friends
  3. HimbeersaftLP

    HimbeersaftLP Chicken

    Oh, I have this type of players, too...

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